b) You agree that your subscriber information will be collected, used and disclosed by third parties in connection with the sale, demining, sale or acquisition of dealer transactions, assets or interests, as well as the development and marketing of goods or services; and in the industry, Service Level Agreements (ASS) play a crucial role and organizations evaluate cloud service providers using different service-based ALSs. The availability or time of operation of services is an important indicator of performance for organizations that use IT services, as they ultimately determine their service or downtime. 8.4 Websites may be made available to user services or products provided by independent third parties. No guarantees or guarantees are made for these services or products. Under no circumstances are or related companies responsible for these services or products. 12.8 If you have any feedback on the services we provide, you can contact our customer service ( for AliExpress or for a) If your Alibaba Cloud ECS subscription is to be used with Alibaba Cloud Server Load Balancer, make sure you have enough bandwidth for your Load Balancer Alibaba Cloud Server. Alibaba Cloud ECS now offers a brand new service level agreement, as Alibaba Cloud believes that “Every Instance Matters” matters. While prior to December 1, 2019, Alibaba Cloud provided 99.95% monthly operating time for individual instances and 99.99% monthly operating time for a multi-zone instance, Alibaba Cloud committed to providing minimal downtime after December 1, 2019. Alibaba Cloud now offers 99.975% monthly operating time for different instances and 99.995% monthly multi-zone operating time. In addition, Alibaba Cloud also offers a minimum downtime requirement.