If a tenant wishes to move before the expiry of the life, they can sublet the property. You can also assign your lease to someone else. When a tenant sublet his property, he must nevertheless assume his responsibilities under the lease. Hello, I`m on a periodic lease, signed 1 month before my 12-month term, and the new agreement began on August 4. I just had a 2-month deadline on August 6, because the owner wants to take possession of the apartment on October 6th. I am looking for a new apartment and I could sign the contract on August 28th. That is why I contacted the agency, which manages on behalf of my landlord, to let them know that I will release the property earlier and before the next rent and that I also wanted to cancel the permanent order of the bank. They told me that I should have sent a one-month message, otherwise I will have to pay the last month of the lease if the landlord does not accept. It seems strange, when I received a message, to want a property from the owner and not to send a message to the owner. This 1 month notices it strangely, because no one will send a message without knowing if they have to live where and just after receiving 1 message from the owner. Do I have to pay before the termination due date if I retire one month in advance? Do I have to send some kind of message, I read a 10-day message if the owner takes over or sells the property for himself? Can they reload until check-out if they get there after the due date? Please guess, there are so many things to do and pay when we move and now there is this problem. It`s amazing, because if we stay after the due date, we can be distributed and if we agree to leave early, they don`t pay back the days that aren`t used, or in my case they need the owner`s permission to see if it allows me to release it earlier and not pay last month.

And I must say that on the first day of each month, I have a permanent mission. And there`s another thing, I have to transfer my municipal tax to the new property. If your landlord has not done things right (z.B. has not made repairs to the property on request), you should not consider that you can simply abandon the lease before your fixed-term lease expires. You should seek advice from a landlord and tenant lawyer, as you still need to get a written agreement to surrender your lease. Temporary rent termination If the tenant is in the middle of a limited period of time, he can only terminate the tenancy agreement prematurely if the landlord gives his consent or if there is a “break clause” in the tenancy agreement.