The notification should be notified to the tenant with the means specified in the tenancy agreement. When a secure rental contract is used, the section 8 notification must be addressed directly to the tenant or transported through the door of the building or mailed first class. A copy of the communication should also be sent to all guarantors, even if they are not named as defendants. Landlords must include the names of all tenants in the notice, the names of the parties and the address must match those of the tenancy agreement. Although some tenants have moved, they should still be listed on the notice of contract if they were mentioned in the last tenancy agreement. Depending on the reason given by your landlord on your point of communication 8, the court could either: the notification must be made by a paragraph 8 in the prescribed manner. This is important because faulty errors made by the owner in notifying the Section 8 notification can cause significant delays. Is used when the property is subject to a mortgage that existed before the lease began and the lender wishes to recover the property. Section 8,[1] is also known as Section 8 of termination or notice of possession 8, if the landlord of an insured tenant wishes to obtain a court ownership order and thus terminate the tenancy agreement, for a reason based on a circumstance that requires the landlord to own. It is used in England and Wales and is part of the Housing Act 1988.

[2] Read our tips on what to do if you have a section 21 score. Use this form to distribute a tenant and take possession of your property in the event of a breach of the rental agreement (z.B non-payment of rent) before the fixed tenancy period expires. If you receive a section 21 note, don`t ignore it. You have to deal with it, as well as with your section 8 note – and the steps are different. If one of the following reasons applies, a lessor may apply to a court for the tenant`s termination after receiving a section 8 notification. A Section 8 notification is a landlord`s first step towards the end: if the landlord has a legitimate reason to recover the property through a Section 8 notification, the notification can be served at any time during the lease, including the fixed life. The termination may take immediately, 2 weeks or 2 months, depending on the reason for the dismissal. You may be able to challenge your eviction if your section 8 is not valid or if you have a good reason not to leave your home. This is called “property defence.” In England, you may need to give a longer notice period if you have a periodic “contract” lease.

This is a temporary rent that has been terminated, but contains a clause that must be pursued as a periodic rent. The amount of the termination must be the same as the duration of the tenancy if it is more than 2 months. For example, if your tenant pays rent every 3 months, you must give 3 months. If section 8 indicates that your landlord is using “ground 8” and the court accepts your landlord`s case, you should usually leave your home. Your landlord must prove the amount of arrears you have in court. You must also show that you had the residue when you received the notification of heading 8. The floor number and explanation should be on your section 8. If not, Section 8 is not valid. A Section 21 notification (also known as a property notification) cannot be notified within the first four months of a lease (or subsequent extension). The termination cannot end before the fixed due date and is valid for up to 6 months. An owner does not need to give a reason to notify the notification to recover the property.

Used when the previous tenant has died and the tenancy agreement has been transferred to a new tenant, but the new tenant is not entitled to continue the lease.