Sarpedon is one of the older chefs who want to help Troy when she needs it most. While Sarpedon wants to prosper and retain Troy, he contemplates the islands that Menelaus` ancestor had taken from Sarpdeon and pushed him to the coast of the continent. Helping Troy is a top priority, but Sarpedon also wants to push Menelaus away from these islands to take back what belongs to him. Faced with war on the horizon, factions are looking for resources. They need trade to acquire more than their provinces can give them. Sarpedon has access to many critical resources, provided the price is reasonable. Most of the time, Sarpedon is busy seeing what the other factions have to do and tries to make the best possible deals to get the most benefits. It may even allow a smaller group to retain its province in order to provide trade between it and other political groups, which propagates its influence. You have to enter into trade agreements with Sarpedon to get the most out of its two mechanics, but if your influence shifts to other provinces, you can continue to grow.

Because of how the influence of his faction can become important, build the more expensive buildings to take advantage of their high influence bonus. The second mechanic is Lyk`s trade missions. These missions allow Sarpedon to extend his influence to other factions by asking factions for valuable resources, depending on the amount they have in their province, or by changing the trades that currently take place between two other factions, giving him advantages or breaking those agreements. For example, if Troy has a trade deal with Rhodes and gives them food for a certain amount of twists, you can offer gold to cancel the deal or give you the benefits. You have to wait for the trades to take place, and you meet these factions to expand your influence. You can set up as many of these barters continuously as you want to trade your excess resources against resources that you don`t have direct access to. Now let`s talk about creating a real business: to form an alliance with the leader of another group, you need to develop a positive relationship with them. It is quite obvious that enemies will not be interested in making deals with you. After opening the diplomacy window (default 7 keys), you`ll discover which factions have friendly relationships with you (green helmet icon) and which ones remain hostile (red helmet symbol). An important factor affecting trade is your reliability. Attacks on your allies, treaty breakage, etc., are some of the ways you will lose your reliability — try to avoid these things.

Trying to act while unreliable will require you to distribute more to earn less. However, your reliability will increase, allowing you to wait a few laps if you don`t need a resource. Gold and bronze, although perhaps surplus, are hard to come in the middle at the end of the game. You should try to act carefully on these resources because you need them most close to the final. So try not to trade all that in Continuous Barter at the beginning of the game just because you haven`t needed it yet. Building temples, praying and valuing units during the finale requires gold. Sarpedon`s two unique mechanisms are valuable resources and Lyk`s trade missions. The Precious Resources page gives you access to white granite, celestial irons and Minoan relics that no other faction can obtain.

You buy them by checking some list provinces with them in addition to their description.