You can reach your Wayfair credit services team by visiting 24/7 or by phone at 1-800-365-2714, TTY: 1-877-354-0002. You will receive dollar bonuses for all Net qualifying purchases. For the Wayfair credit card and the Wayfair Mastercard, you will receive 5% in bonus dollars if you use your card on Wayfair sites. For the Wayfair Mastercard, you will receive bonuses if you use your card outside Wayfair sites: 3% in grocery stores; 2% for qualifying online purchases that are not made on Wayfair websites; and 1% on all other Net qualification purchases that are made with your Wayfair Mastercard. Qualifying online purchases are those made through a computer network, but not all online transactions are considered qualifying online purchases. Qualifying online purchases do not include the following types of purchases in the following categories: subscription, membership or recurring purchases; Distribution companies, cable/satellite and telephone; Insurance Health and health care providers utilities, taxes and tolls; education, including schools or other educational institutions; contracting, professional, financial, legal, personal and business services; Repair services Direct marketing and purchases that are manually encrypted by a reseller. They can only earn 1%, not 3%, for food or food purchases in food stores, gas stations, storage clubs, supercentres and discounts, and only 1%, not 2%, for purchases made with mobile/wireless technology, according to purchasing processing technology. Merchants must submit a fee under the reseller code or industry code to be eligible as qualifying online purchases and/or as net qualification purchases in the different categories. Neither Wayfair nor Citibank determines whether merchants adequately identify all credit card transactions, but Wayfair reserves the right to determine which purchases are eligible for rewards. Premium dollars are not refunded, refunded, promotions or other credit adjustments, unauthorized or fraudulent fees, fees that violate the terms of your card contract, cash transfers, cash advances or other transactions earned such as cash advances, lottery tickets, gambling tokens and other similar transactions, gambling, fees, purchases that apply to advertising financing and any part of the purchase made with the money. Reward dollars have no bare value and cannot be exchanged for cash. In certain circumstances, you will expire unused premiums, z.B if your account is closed or you leave the program.