In addition, Disney will install clear plastic barriers at its crates, as we see, which are installed in many foods across the country. The agreement also requires contactless transactions to minimize the risk of transmission to visitors and employees. (So be prepared to set up your phone for payments before visiting Disney if you don`t have a Magic Band.) The union said the agreement was also aimed at establishing social withdrawal practices and multi-level safety training. As some Disney Springs sites will be reopened from May 20, Walt Disney World has agreed new security measures with the Service Trades Council Union, which represents 43,000 workers, including a small number of Disney Springs. ORLANDO, Fla. – The union representing Walt Disney World employees announced that they had reached an agreement with Disney on the security measures available to the actors upon their return to work. The agreement comes less than a week before the first part of the property has to be reopened to businesses. LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Walt Disney Co DIS. N and unions representing workers in Florida Walt Disney World have reached an agreement on protections to protect workers from coronavirus, he said in a union statement Thursday, which removed one of the obstacles to reopening their popular amusement parks.

On April 2, it was announced that all U.S.-based Disney Parks, Experiences and Products executives, employees and non-union employees will be laid off from April 19 due to the extension of park closures due to the covid-19 pandemic. However, as union workers have been excluded, negotiations have been ongoing for weeks. Today, the Service Trades Council Union Coalition, which represents approximately 43,000 employees at Walt Disney World Resort, has reached an agreement with Disney that confirms that Furlough will be effective for its union members as of April 19. May 14, 2020, 15:48 The Walt Disney World Resort has agreed with a coalition of unions representing many of its members on new security procedures at the resort. The procedures describe the new safety rules that Disney visitors face when they return to the resort and its theme parks. The agreement with the Service Trades Council Union requires all visitors to wear masks when visiting Disney theme parks and to undergo a temperature check before being allowed in. The same requirements apply to Disney interpreters, who are checked when they show up for work.