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We are your authorised Mitsubishi Electric ‘Diamond Dealer’

In 1990, DJK Air Conditioning created a contract with one of the world’s most renowned electrical manufacturers, Mitsubishi Electric. Since then, we have been awarded the honorary status of ‘Diamond Dealer’, and will always support the company and what it values.

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An Air Conditioner for Australians

Since 1967, Mitsubishi Electric has been engineering and designing products for Australian consumers. Built to withstand the hottest summers, the company exceeds national standards with their range of air conditioners, providing our clients with a product that is reliable and of exceptional quality.

When DJK first opened, we made the decision to only install and service Mitsubishi systems. By doing so, we have built a strong relationship with the company, not only giving us a thorough understanding of the products but also allowing us to get the best prices and the latest innovations released for our customers. From split systems and multi-split systems to ducted air conditioning, the team at DJK Air Conditioning use their extensive knowledge to determine which model will best suit what you are looking for, either in a domestic or commercial environment.

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Mitsubishi Electric offers a wide range of reliable and energy efficient air conditioning systems adapted to suit the Australian environment. The quiet operation of the system means you can enjoy cooling or heating without the loud hum you hear with most other brands. Newer innovations include control of the AC from your smartphone, or online, giving you complete power of your air conditioner wherever you are. To tie in all the internal features of the Mitsubishi unit, the elegant and sophisticated design will fit right in to any home or business décor.

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Other Benefits

As well as providing cooling and heating to your home or workplace, Mitsubishi Electric air conditioners use advanced air cleaning filters to provide air that is clean and allergen free, perfect for those suffering from allergies or respiratory problems such as asthma.

Environmental efficiency is a mutual value between both DJK Air Conditioning and Mitsubishi Electric, which is why we are all excited to see Mitsubishi’s newest models! They have been recorded to be up to 40% more energy efficient than older models. With the constant rise of electricity costs, it is definitely worth considering how we can all save energy. Contact us for more information on our newer systems.

Check out our catalogue for more information on the latest systems from Mitsubishi Electric.

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I don’t know what I would have done at 6am on a cold winter’s morning without the new system you put in the bedroom for me. Along with the larger one you had already installed in the lounge room, the house is now comfortable and a haven in any sort of weather. The service was first rate both times which is why I came back!!

– G.Crew –

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